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Antiques Roadshow

An antiques-appraisal series that turned out to be a ratings gem in PBS's attic. The simple format has `Roadshow' traveling around the U.S., evaluating family heirlooms and found items. It's based on the long-running BBC show of the same name.

Hotel del Coronado, Hour 2

Discover covetable California items appraised at Hotel del Coronado!
Hotel del Coronado, Hour 1

WETA PassportHotel del Coronado, Hour 1

Check into Hotel del Coronado to see sensational finds at a stunning seaside setting!

Ca' d'Zan, Hour 3

WETA PassportCa' d'Zan, Hour 3

ROADSHOW doesn’t clown around when it comes to show-stopping appraisals at Ca' d'Zan!

Ca' d'Zan, Hour 2

WETA PassportCa' d'Zan, Hour 2

Head to Ca' d'Zan to discover treasures fitting for a grand celebration!

Ca' d'Zan, Hour 1

WETA PassportCa' d'Zan, Hour 1

Travel to sunny Sarasota for standout finds at Ca' d'Zan!

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 3

WETA PassportMeadow Brook Hall, Hour 3

Magnificent Michigan treasures shine at Meadow Brook Hall

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 2

WETA PassportMeadow Brook Hall, Hour 2

Discover Detroit-area items appraised at the historic Dodge-Wilson estate. One is $40,000-